We are a group of neighbours in Halifax who live near Robie and Quinpool (an intersection historically known as the Willow Tree), across from the Halifax Common. Our core group of unpaid volunteers was formed in 2014. It includes Andrea Arbic, Peggy Cameron, Kathy Moggridge, Andrew Murphy, Candace Stevenson, and Janet Stevenson. Steve Parcell and Grant Wanzel were members of the group up to January 2018. We are concerned about large developments that have been proposed in our neighbourhood. These developments far exceed what is permitted.

We are also concerned that the Halifax Regional Municipality is not following the Land Use Bylaw or the Municipal Planning Strategy: two documents that are intended for the public good but seem to have been shelved, opening the door to unrestricted development until a new Centre Plan is devised. Halifax currently ranks 29th in the world for the number of towers (12 storeys or more) that are under construction, approved, or proposed.

We are also concerned that HRM is experiencing a serious bout of overbuilding that threatens the economic and social well-being of the city.


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