Our neighbourhood, north and south of Quinpool, is a good example of a well-balanced urban fabric:

  • a stable population with a wide age range
  • a mixture of housing types and prices, half owned and half rented
  • a population density of 25 persons per acre (twice the average on the Halifax peninsula)
  • 120 local businesses and services, with proximity to major employers
  • community infrastructure: daycares, schools, churches, offices, a hotel, a nursing home, restaurants, corner stores, coffee shops, banks, a movie theatre, supermarkets, recreational facilities, open spaces, etc.
  • accessible by foot, public transit, or vehicle


Welll-built houses and streets from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are still going strong.


Where our neighbourhood meets the Halifax Common, there is already a ten-storey office building (owned by Armco Capital, the parent company of the developer, APL Properties Limited). On a windy day, crossing at the intersection is hard enough.


One block west of Robie Street is Welsford Park. Along its edges are the houses on Parker Street and Welsford Street, as well as St. Vincent’s Nursing Home to the west. The existing Armco Building in the background is ten storeys high. This existing view can be compared to the corresponding one on the Proposed Developments page.


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