Other Local Sites

Proposed Developments in the Quinpool Area

  • Doug Reid: The Keep: 8 storeys (Quinpool and Vernon) – under construction
  • Armco: 29 storeys (Quinpool and Robie) – proposed
  • Westwood: 25 storeys (Robie, north of Quinpool) – proposed
  • Westwood: 11 storeys (former Ben’s Bakery site on Quinpool) – proposed
  • Dexel: 14 storeys (Robie, south of Quinpool) – proposed
  • Dexel: 10 storeys (currently McDonald’s and Fitness FX, Quinpool and Harvard) – proposed
  • Facade Investments: 11 storeys (Quinpool, west of Preston) – proposed
  • HRM: St. Pat’s High School site: 15 storeys (Quinpool-Windsor-Quingate) – proposal in progress
  • Nanco Group: Oxford Theatre (Quinpool and Oxford) – property acquired; no proposal yet

Centre Plan

HRM’s Planning department has proposed Quinpool Road as one of six “primary growth areas” in the emerging Centre Plan. This was introduced at the Centre Plan open house at Citadel High School on June 27. The presentation panels are posted on HRM’s Centre Plan website (with Quinpool starting on page 13).


This aerial photo of our neighbourhood (courtesy of Google) shows the residential areas north and south of Quinpool, as well as a corner of the Halifax Common, with the new skating oval. The yellow area indicates the proposed developments at Robie and Quinpool. The six magenta patches show vacant or soon-to-be vacant properties nearby. Together, they offer an enormous opportunity to strengthen our neighbourhood’s urban and social fabric: to build intelligently on what is already there, rather than dropping generic towers into the neighbourhood in a single-minded attempt to “densify the city.” We want developments in our neighbourhood to be smart, not bold.

As described in our editorial, “So What’s the Plan?,” we can’t rely on the city’s Land Use By-law and Municipal Planning Strategy to look out for our best interests, at least not until a new Centre Plan for Halifax is prepared and approved.

Beyond the Quinpool area, other residents’ groups in the city are facing a similar misuse of the Development Agreement process. In response, nineteen groups have formed the Coalition for Responsible Development in HRM.



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