Survey Results

At the HRM Public Information Meeting on September 17, 2015, the Willow Tree Group distributed a survey to members of the audience, asking about the Armco and Westwood proposals. 32 surveys were submitted at the end of the meeting. The results are reported below.


Some Additional Comments from the Surveys

  • No significant benefit to the community.
  • The Quinpool Road area is my preferred commercial district but this large building will not enhance my living experience in any way.
  • Parker Street is getting the short end of this stick.
  • It will have a huge impact on the Halifax Common with shade and wind. There was no mention of the wind study in the presentation.
  • Huge traffic jams due to serious increase in traffic.
  • We have the Bell Aliant tower and Fenwick Tower. Both are inappropriate within their neighbourhoods. This should never happen again.
  • The only benefit from this development is for the developer.
  • We shouldn’t use old mistakes (like the Welsford apartment building nearby) as a justification for new mistakes.
  • A more holistic approach that also considers St. Pat’s in a new Centre Plan first.
  • Should not be considered outside the master plan for Halifax Common and the Centre Plan.
  • Too much density in one place. Spread it out around the peninsula.
  • Why do developers have the right to propose buildings that break the municipal plan so badly? Why is this even being considered?
  • Moratorium on development until a Centre Plan is done.